Running a design

Versal Prime Series VMK180 Evaluation Kit

Release Date

For the designs that you have download via the PetaLinux BSP for the VMK180 board here are the instructions to run them once you have prepared the SD card.

Set up a terminal session between a PC COM port and the serial port on the evaluation board. See below. Determine which COM to use to access the USB serial port on the VMK180 board. Make sure that the VMK180 board is powered on and a micro micro USB cable is connected between VMK180 board and host PC. This ensures that the USB-to-serial bridge is enumerated by the PC host.

Using Tera Term connect to the first Serial Connection, below is an example

Click OK and and the Tera Term window will pop up. In the Setup change the serial port speed to 115200, this will match the speed of the UART on the VMK180.

Power up the board you will see the boot messages from the Versal Adaptive SoC 1910.2 and you will see a Linux Prompt in the Terminal Window. Log in with root as the user and the password.