New Features and Changes - 2023.1 English

Xilinx Runtime (XRT) Release Notes (UG1451)

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2023.1 English

This version of Xilinx Runtime includes the following new features.

  • New xrt::xclbin::get_interface_uuid() API. The interface uuid is only available for xclbins that are built with the 2023.1 version of AMD Vitis™ software platform.

    Before downloading, the host application can use this API to check and compare the uuid against the xclbin file and hardware.

  • New xrt::run::wait2() API was added to throw an exception when command completes abnormally (state different from ERT_CMD_STATE_COMPLETED).
  • New clock throttling management feature from xbmgmt utility. Clock throttling reduces the kernel clock frequency dynamically when either thermal or electrical sensors exceed defined threshold values.
Other Changes
  • xrt::kernel::write_register() is deprecated, along with the corresponding read_register. If used, a compile warning is issued. It is recommended that xrt::ip is used for read and write register functionality. This API will be removed in a future release.
  • This the last release with XCL APIs support. The APIs were deprecated in 2.14.x, and 2.15.x will be the last release with support.
Note: For detailed info about XRT API changes and experimental features, refer to the changelog.