New Features and Changes - 2022.2 English

Xilinx Runtime (XRT) Release Notes (UG1451)

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2022.2 English

This version of Xilinx® Runtime (XRT) includes the following new features.

  • Added xrt::queue APIs, for asynchronous execution of synchronous operations becomes production. See the examples.
AI Engine Support
  • Added support for non-blocking data transfer between AI Engine and GMIO via xrt::bo C++ APIs AIE_BO.async().
XRT Utilities
  • Changed the xbutil p2p test to write in 1024 byte blocks to cover write combine tests.
Other Changes
  • XRT streaming APIs used with QDMA PCIe DMA engine have been removed, per deprecation announcement in 2.11.x.
  • All XCL APIs are deprecated. The XRT Core Library will be removed in future release.
Note: For detailed info about XRT API changes and experimental features, refer to the changelog.