Safety Instructions

Alveo Debug Kit Safety and Legal Information (XTP747)

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These recommendations pertain to unpowered cards.

Electronic boards are sensitive to electrostatic discharge (ESD). These devices are wrapped in antistatic bags to prevent damage from ESD.

Important: When you use a wrist strap, follow all electrical safety procedures and instructions provided with the wrist strap. A wrist strap is for static control and designed to protect hardware from ESD. It does not increase or decrease your risk of receiving electric shock when you are using or working on electrical equipment.

Take the following precautions to prevent ESD damage to these devices:

  • Attach an ESD or antistatic wrist strap to a ground pin or an unpainted and grounded metal surface of your system to prevent electrostatic discharge from damaging your hardware.
  • Do not remove the device from the antistatic bag until you are ready to install the device in the system.
  • With the device still in its antistatic bag, touch it to the metal frame of the system.
  • Grasp cards and boards by the edges. Avoid touching the components and gold connectors on the adapter.
  • If you need to lay the device down while it is out of the antistatic bag, lay it on the antistatic bag. Before you pick it up again, touch the antistatic bag and the metal frame of the system at the same time.
  • Handle the devices carefully to prevent permanent damage.