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Temperature Dependent Dynamic Voltage Scaling Implementation (XAPP1394)

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Ready to test BOOT.BIN and the required files to generate the PDI are found in the reference design file. The DVS functionality test steps are as follows:
  1. Set up the VCK190 board with JTAG and serial cables connected.
  2. Set the boot mode to JTAG.
  3. Upon system controller boot, connect to the SYSCTL com2 port and run the following command before programming PDI: sc_app -c getvoltage -t VCCINT.
  4. Program the PDI file with XSDB using the following steps:
    1. xsdb% connect
    2. xsdb% device program BOOT.BIN
  5. Open the SYSCTL COM2 port. You can see the updated value in VCCINT voltage upon running the command: sc_app -c getvoltage -t VCCINT.