DVS Checklist

Temperature Dependent Dynamic Voltage Scaling Implementation (XAPP1394)

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Download the reference design files for this application note from the Xilinx website.The following checklist summarizes the hardware and software changes required to support DVS.

Table 1. DVS Checklist
Parameter Description
Is DVS required? DVS is required for AMD Versal™ -2LI SKUs.
Is the recommended PLM/AMD drivers solution used? The AMD verified solution contained within the PLM should be used.
Is the recommended -2LI rail consolidation used? This rail consolidation breaks out the VCCINT rail because its voltage is unique to that rail and cannot be consolidated with any other voltages.
I2C/PMBus compatible voltage regulator used? I2C/PMBus is required to change the voltage on VCCINT.
Are there other primary I2C/PMBus devices on the same bus? The DVS drivers require primary capabilities to drive the clocks on the bus and signal when the voltage change is required.
Default/start-up voltage set to 0.725V? This must be the default voltage on power-up.
Synthesis software tools/versions used AMD Vivado™ Design Suite 2022.2
Is the software driver implemented? Functionality tested using baremetal driver
Any platform software changes needed? CDO regulator changes are required before generating the PDI.