Automatic Digital Pre-distortion Design Generation for AI Engine (XAPP1391)

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Digital pre-distortion (DPD) technology is widely used in wireless base stations to boost transmit power and mitigate signal distortion incurred in radio-frequency power amplifiers. The generalized memory polynomial model requires DPD to run at three to five times instantaneous signal bandwidth, which becomes challenging for programmable logic as new frequency bands wider than 500 MHz are expected to be available soon for 5G and 6G wireless systems. This application note describes a tool for automatic generation of DPD forward path design on AI Engine without the need of writing a single line of code. The DPD look-up table (LUT) configuration is specified in a plain text file, and the tool generates a complete AI Engine design together with RTL kernels, C drivers, and V++ scripts for hardware validation. This approach turns the AI Engine array into a set of customizable high-performance hardware accelerators for computationally intensive tasks.

Download the reference design files for this application note from the AMD website. For detailed information about the design files, see Reference Design.