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Burst Clock Data Recovery for 1.25G/2.5G PON Applications in UltraScale Devices (XAPP1277)

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The following table shows the revision history for this document.

Section Revision Summary
01/05/2024 Version 1.2
Table 1, Table 3, and Table 1 Added case 6.
Table 1
  • Updated to ModelSim 10.6
  • Updated to Vivado Design Suite 2023.1.
11/14/2016 Version 1.1
General updates Added support for 32-bit BCDR. Instances of GTX transceivers changed to GTH.
Figure 1, Figure 1, Figure 1, Figure 1, and Figure 3 Updated figures.
Table 1 Added two cases.
Table 1 and Table 2 Updated attribute and port information, respectively.
BCDR and PHY Configuration Added section.
BCDR Simulation Test Bench Updated section.
02/29/2016 Version 1.0
Initial release. N/A