Burst Clock Data Recovery for 1.25G/2.5G PON Applications in UltraScale Devices (XAPP1277)

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These documents provide supplemental material useful with this application note:

  1. ITU-T G.987 and ITU-T G.989 standards can be downloaded from the ITU website (
    • ITU-T G.987, 10-Gigabit-capable passive optical network (XG-PON) systems
    • ITU-T G.989, 40-Gigabit-capable passive optical networks (NG-PON2) systems
    Note: IEEE Std 802.3av-2009, IEEE Standard Physical Layer Specifications and Management Parameters for 10 Gb/s Passive Optical Networks can be downloaded from the IEEE website.
    Note: These PON definitions are from Section 3 of the ITU-T G.989.2 standard:
    • 10G EPON - 10 Gb-capable Ethernet passive optical network
    • G-PON - Gigabit-capable passive optical network
    • ITU-T - International Telecommunication Union, standardization sector of ITU
    • NG-PON2 - Next generation PON 2
    • OLT - Optical line termination
    • ONT - Optical network terminal
    • PON - Passive optical network
    • XG-PON - 10 Gb-capable PON. XG-PON is also called 10G-PON. It realizes NG-PON1.
  2. IEEE 802.3av-2009 10 Gbit/s Ethernet Passive Optical Network is part of IEEE Standard for Ethernet IEEE Std 802.3-2012. The next full revision is in IEEE 802.3-2015 (
  3. UltraScale FPGAs Transceivers Wizard LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG182)