Install Reference Design Files into Target Directories

Zynq 7000 SoCs or 7 Series FPGAs Isolation Design Flow Lab (Vivado Design Suite) (XAPP1256)

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These steps describe the process for installing the reference design files:

Note: For this lab, it is important that the design files are in a known location, in this case, C:\xilinx_design.
  1. Extract the file to your home drive letter (that is, C:\xilinx_design).
  2. The project files are placed in the C:\xilinx_design\sources\ directory.
    • xilinx_design
      • sources
        • ip
        • viv
        • xdc

When the ZIP file is extracted, a directory called xilinx_design holds the lab project design files. The directory structure shown above applies to that project.