Step 5: Running report_power_opt to Examine Tool Optimizations Again - 2024.1 English

Vivado Design Suite Tutorial: Power Analysis and Optimization (UG997)

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2024.1 English
  1. In the main menu bar, select Reports > Report Power Optimization.
  2. In the Report Power Optimization dialog box, type in the Results name as power_opt_2. Alternatively, execute this Tcl command in the Tcl Console:
    report_power_opt -name power_opt_2
  3. In the generated report power_opt_2, the excluded block RAM is no longer available in the list of Tool Gated BRAMs.
Note: This block RAM is no longer in the list of Tool Gated BRAMs: dut/Cascaded_bram/gen_dut[0].bram_top_cascade/bram_cas/mem_reg_bram_0