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Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Designing IP Subsystems Using IP Integrator (UG994)

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2023.2 English
  • When a design is exported to Tcl, any assignments that are locked must be specified in the exported Tcl using the locked flag in both write_bd_tcl and write_project_tcl.

    Example: assign_bd_address -offset 0xA000_0000 -range 16K -lock_type

  • When a design's addressing is exported to csv, the csv file must add the new Locked option.

    Example: SEG_S0_Ax_Reg/S00_AXI, S0_AXI/Reg, 0xA000_0000, 16K, lock_local

  • You must run upgrade flow when the BD is opened in a newer AMD Vivado™ version and validate locking and unlocking address segments.
  • Locked presents as an attribute (default false) on the master segment and you can query it and manipulate it like any other attribute.
    • get_property LOCKTYPE <master seg>
    • report_property <master_seg>

  • Currently, locking an address path locks both the offset and range of the mapped segments.