Configuring MATLAB to the Vivado Design Suite - 2020.2 English

Vivado Design Suite Tutorial: Model-Based DSP Design Using System Generator (UG948)

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2020.2 English

Before you begin, you should verify that MATLAB is configured to the Vivado Design Suite. Do the following:

  1. Configure MATLAB.
    • On Windows systems:
      1. Click Start > Xilinx Design Tools > Vivado 2020.x > System Generator > System Generator 2020.x MATLAB Configurator.
        Important: On Windows systems you might need to launch the MATLAB Configurator as administrator. When MATLAB Configurator is selected in the menu, use the mouse right-click to select Run as Administrator.

      2. Click the check box of the version of MATLAB you want to configure and then click OK.
    • On Linux systems:

      Launching System Generator under Linux is handled using a shell script called sysgen located in the <Vivado install dir>/bin directory. Before launching this script, you must make sure the MATLAB executable can be found in your Linux system’s $PATH environment variable for your Linux system. When you execute the System Generator script, it will launch the first MATLAB executable found in $PATH and attach System Generator to that session of MATLAB. Also, the sysgen shell script supports all the options that MATLAB supports and all options can be passed as command line arguments to the sysgen script.

  2. When the System Generator opens, confirm the version of MATLAB to which System Generator is attached by entering the version command in the MATLAB Command Window.
    >> version
    ans =
      ' (R2019b) Update 5'