Working with Multiple Waveform Configurations - 2024.1 English

Vivado Design Suite Tutorial: Logic Simulation (UG937)

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2024.1 English
You can also have multiple Waveform windows, and waveform configuration files open at one time. This is useful when the number of signals you want to display exceeds the ability to display them in a single window. Depending on the resolution of the screen, a single Waveform window might not display all the signals of interest at the same time. You can open multiple Waveform windows, each with its own set of signals and signal properties, and copy and paste between them.
  1. To add a new Waveform window, select File > Simulation Waveform > New Configuration.

    An untitled Waveform window opens with a default name. You can add signals, define groups, add dividers, and set properties and colors that are unique to this Waveform window.

  2. Select signal groups in the first Waveform window by pressing and holding the Ctrl key, and selecting the following groups: Inputs, Outputs, and Internal Signals.
  3. Right-click to open the popup menu, and select Copy, or use the shortcut Ctrl+C on the selected groups to copy them from the current Waveform window.
  4. Select the new Waveform window to make it active.
  5. Right-click in the Waveform window and select Paste, or use the shortcut Ctrl+V to paste the signal groups into the prior Waveform window.
  6. Select File > Simulation Waveform > Save Configuration or click the Save Wave Configuration button, and save the waveform configuration to a file called tutorial_2.wcfg.
  7. When prompted to add the waveform configuration to the project, select No.
  8. Click the icon to close the new Waveform window.