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Vivado Design Suite User Guide: System-Level Design Entry (UG895)

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The <board> tag is the root of the board file. It includes attributes to identify basic information about the board.

<board schema_version="2.1" vendor="" name="kc705" display_name="Kintex-7 
KC705 Evaluation Platform" url="" preset_file="preset.xml" 
  <description>Kintex-7 KC705 Evaluation Platform</description> 

The attributes of the <board> tag, and their usage are:

Table 1. <board> Attributes and Tags
Tag Usage Example (KC705)
schema_version= Identifies the schema version of the board file. The latest version of the schema is 2.1. schema_version="2.1"
vendor= Web address of the board provider. vendor=""
name= Short name, which forms part of the key for selection of the board. This is different from the board description described later in the chapter. name="kc705"
display_name= Name as given in the Display Name column in the list of boards displayed in the Select Device dialog box in the Vivado IDE. display_name="Kintex-7 KC705 Evaluation Platform"
url= Web address for board specific information. url=""
preset_file= Preset file name, which is used to list all presets for each interface as applicable. For more information on how the preset_file is organized, please refer to Understanding Preset Files. preset_file="preset.xml"
image= Specifies a JPG file to be used when displaying the board in the Project Summary window in the Vivado IDE. kc705_board.jpeg

Specifies the version of the Board file as a version.revison number. The <file_version> should be increased for any changes made to the current board file:

Update the revision for minor changes.

Update the version for significant changes.

<description> A short description of the board defined by the file. AMD Kintex™ 7 KC705 Evaluation Platform

The following attributes and tags are mandatory when defining the <board>: schema_version, vendor, name, display_name, <file_version>, and <compatible_board_revisions>.

Tip: The "preset_file=" attribute is optional, but is required to support the generic preset mechanism. See Understanding Preset Files for more information.