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Vivado Design Suite Tutorial: Design Flows Overview (UG888)

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2024.1 English
  1. Select one of the VHDL sources in the Sources window.
  2. Right-click to review the commands available in the popup menu.
  3. Select Open File, and use the scroll bar to browse the file contents in the Text Editor.

    You can also double-click source files in the Sources window to open them in the Text Editor.

    Notice that the Text Editor displays the RTL code with context sensitive coloring of keywords and comments. The Fonts and Colors used to display reserved words can be configured using the Tools > Settings command. Refer to Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Using the Vivado IDE (UG893) for more information.

  4. With the cursor in the Text Editor, right-click and select Find in Files. Note the Replace in Files command as well.

    The Find in Files dialog box opens with various search options.

  5. Enter clk in the Find what: field, and click Find.

    The Find in Files window displays in the messaging area at the bottom of the Vivado IDE.

  6. In the Find in Files window, expand one of the displayed files, and select an occurrence of clk in the file.

    Notice that the Text Editor opens the selected file and displays the selected occurrence of clk in the file.

  7. Close the Find in Files – Occurrences window.
  8. Close the open Text Editor windows.

    The next few steps highlight some of the design configuration and analysis features available prior to running synthesis.