Standard Heat Sink Attach Process with Thermal Adhesive Tape

UltraScale+ Device Packaging and Pinouts Product Specification User Guide (UG575)

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Prior to attaching the heat sink, the UltraScale or UltraScale+ device needs be surface mounted on the motherboard.

1. Place the motherboard into a jig or a fixture to hold the motherboard steady to prevent any movement during the heat sink attachment process.

2. Thermal adhesive tape cut to the size of the heat sink is applied on the underside of the heat sink at a modest angle with the use of a squeegee rubber roller. Apply pressure to help reduce the possibility of air entrapment under the tape during application.

3. The heat sink is placed on the backside of the silicon with a pick and place machine. A uniform pressure is applied over the heat sink to the backside of the silicon. As the heat sink is placed, the thermal adhesive tape is glued to the backside of the silicon. A force transducer is normally used to measure and limit the placement force.

4. A uniform and constant pressure is applied uniformly over the heat sink and held for a defined time.

Note: The thermal adhesive tape hold time is based on manufacturer’s specifications.