Separate the Components

UltraScale+ Device Packaging and Pinouts Product Specification User Guide (UG575)

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At room temperature, if possible, use a back and forth twisting motion to break the bond between the phase-change thermal interface material and mated components (i.e., heat sink and FPGA). See This Figure .

Figure 11-4: Breaking the Bond between Thermal Interface Material and Mated Components

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For smaller components (typically 15 mm x 15 mm or less), the bond usually breaks free easily at room temperature. For larger components, in situations where minimal movement is available, or if using fragile components, heat the component (preferred) or heat sink to about 40°C–60°C before removal.

The guideline is 40°C–60°C, however, you might find that for your application, heating to 35°C is adequate. You might prefer to heat to 70°C which makes the phase-change thermal interface material very soft and the components can be easily separated.