UltraScale+ Device Packaging and Pinouts Product Specification User Guide (UG575)

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One GTH/GTY Quad = Four transceivers = Four GTHE3 or GTYE3 primitives.

One GTM Dual = Two transceivers = Two GTME3 primitives

Not all GT Quads/Duals are bonded out in every package.

Also shown are quads/duals labeled with RCAL. This specifies the location of the RCAL masters for each device. With respect to the package, the RCAL masters are located on the same package pin for each package, regardless of the device.

The XY coordinates shown in each quad/dual correspond to the transceiver channel number found in the pin names for that quad/dual, as shown in This Figure .

An alphabetic designator is shown in each quad/dual. Each letter corresponds to the columns in Table: I/O Bank Migration: HP I/O Banks are Unshaded, HR I/O Banks are in Gray, and HD I/O Banks are in Dark Gray(1) and Table: Transceiver Quad Migration (GTH Quads are White, GTY Quads are Gray, GTM Duals are Dark Gray) .

The power supply group is shown in brackets [ ] for each quad/dual.