MMCM Programming

UltraScale Architecture Clocking Resources User Guide (UG572)

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1.10.2 English

Programming of the MMCM must follow a set flow to ensure configuration that guarantees stability and performance. This section describes how to program the MMCM based on certain design requirements. A design can be implemented in two ways, directly through the GUI interface (the Clocking Wizard) or implementing the MMCM through instantiation. Regardless of the method selected, the following information is necessary to program the MMCM:

Reference clock period

Output clock frequencies (up to seven maximum)

Output clock duty cycle (default is 50%)

Output clock phase shift in number of degrees relative to the original 0 phase of the clock

Desired bandwidth of the MMCM (default is OPTIMIZED and the bandwidth is chosen in software)

Compensation mode (automatically determined by the software)

Reference clock jitter in UI (i.e., a percentage of the reference clock period)