End-to-End Testing

IPsec_GW Reference Pipeline User Guide (UG1671)

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You can perform end-to-end testing for the IPsec_GW reference pipeline.

As shown in the following figure, two DPUs are connected back-to-back using port eth1/2. The other uplink ports of DSC1 & DSC2 (eth1/1) are connected to Ixia traffic generator port-1 and port-2 respectively. The ipsec_gw P4 program runs on both DSCs. DSC-1 encrypts Ixia IP traffic from port-1, fed to DSC-2 via port eth1/2. DSC-2 decrypts the IP packet and sends the decrypted packet to Ixia port-2. For performance analysis, traffic should be started from Ixia port-1 and port-2 and run symmetrically for testing bi-directional throughput.

Figure 1. End-to-End Testing