Loading an Image

Flow Offload Reference Pipeline User Guide (UG1670)

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To load an image you have copied to the DSC, do the following on the DSC:

  1. Synchronize data on disk with memory:
    # sync
  2. Set the copied image as the boot image:
    # sysupdate.sh -p /data/dsc_fw_elba_.tar
  3. Restart the DSC:
    # sysreset.sh

    The DSC comes up with the new firmware loaded.

  4. Get the details of the loaded firmware and confirm that the version number and build time are as expected:
    # pdsctl show version
    Firmware Version   : <version_number>
    Pipeline           : rudra
    P4 Program         : flow_offload
    Build Time         : <build_time>
    Note: You can also use the table access tools (p4ctl or, if one of the reference pipelines had been used to create the image, pdsctl) to verify that the correct software is executed.