Hello World Reference Pipeline User Guide (UG1669)

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The AMD Pensando™ Software-in-Silicon Development Kit (SSDK) allows developers to port and create custom implementations of networking and storage functions or services for the AMD Pensando data processing unit (DPU).

This document provides an overview of the Hello World reference pipeline included in the SSDK. This pipeline implements Network Access Control List (NACL) in the P416 programming language as a simple demonstration and describes the P4 binary code that developers can load onto an AMD DPU. This reference pipeline supplies P416 source code and libraries for both P4 Ingress and P4 Egress. This combination of source code and libraries facilitates the implementation of the provided reference pipeline. The provided P4 RxDMA/TxDMA binaries are deployed alongside your own P4 code on the same DPU to integrate the functionality into your system. This approach streamlines the implementation process and ensures backward and forward compatibility.