Hello World Reference Pipeline User Guide (UG1669)

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The Hello World reference pipeline is a simple demonstration that provides an introduction to the AMD Pensando™ DPU, SSDK, and their P4 programming capabilities. For the sake of simplicity, this reference pipeline only implements a few packet fields and has very limited capabilities from what a normal NACL networking service would provide. However, you can implement any required functionality in this pipeline using the SSDK, add additional nontraditional NACL capabilities and other networking services as required.

The reference pipeline consists of two main components:

  • A single P4 Ternary table for NACL rules to match packet fields using ternary content-addressable memory (TCAM):
    Note: This pipeline demonstrates the UDP protocol only. TCP protocol is not included but you can add it, if required.
    • Destination MAC
    • Source IP
    • Destination IP
      Note: Typically, NACL works on a subnet level using CIDR. For the sake of simplicity, this pipeline does not have network mask implemented and uses IP addresses only.
    • Source Port to match the source port
    • Destination Port to match a destination port
  • The NACL Pipeline