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Hello World Reference Pipeline User Guide (UG1669)

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The Hello World reference pipeline implements a simple NACL networking service. It serves as an example for a developer to provide insight into P4 and its capabilities. The P4 Hello World pipeline is simple, yet it showcases the power of P4, and it provides a powerful technique that can be used to improve additional security and can act as the foundation for building additional custom networking services such as IPsec, or any other stateless/stateful networking services without compromising the performance of the networking device it resides in.

To setup your environment, see the SSDK Quick Start Guide.

The SSDK is delivered as three separate packages:

  • A container image that constitutes the build environment and includes generic tools such as the Linaro ArmĀ® cross-compile toolchain.
  • A tarball with the source code of the reference pipelines and AMD specific tools, such as the P4 compiler and the Distributed Services Card (DSC) simulator.
  • A tarball with documentation.