Starting the DP-App

SDN Policy Offload Reference Pipeline User Guide (UG1668)

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The dp-app is not started by default in hardware. You must start it yourself.

To do so:

  1. Start the dp-app as follows:
    • To use the default init config from /nic/conf/config.json:
    • To use a different config file specify it with the -c option. For example: -c /nic/config/config_scale.json
  2. Use grep to confirm that the dp-app is running:
    # ps -ef | grep pds_dp
    root      1659     1 99 00:00 ttyS0    00:07:38 pds_dp_app -c /nic/conf/config.json
    root      1733   578  0 00:00 ttyS0    00:00:00 grep pds_dp