Building a DSC Firmware Image

SDN Policy Offload Reference Pipeline User Guide (UG1668)

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To build a DSC firmware image, do the following within the P4 development container:

  1. Change directory to the main folder for build scripts:
    cd /sw/nic
  2. Clean the build directory:
    ARCH=aarch64 ./tools/ --p4_program sdn_policy_offload --clean
  3. Build the DSC firmware image:
    ARCH=aarch64 ./tools/ --p4_program sdn_policy_offload

    This creates an image for the DSC/DPU as a tarball in the /sw/nic directory, for example dsc_fw_elba_.tar.

  4. List the built DSC firmware image:
    ls /sw/nic/dsc_fw_elba_.tar
    Note: This is also aliased to naples_fw_elba.tar.