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SDN Policy Offload Reference Pipeline User Guide (UG1668)

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Besides the ready-to-deploy P4 code for the P4I pipelines, P4E pipelines, binaries, and libraries for RxDMA/TxDMA/SxDMA, you can build, enhance, or combine with your own P4 code. The following is a list of such libraries:

  • Flow offload (64 million sessions) with connection tracking.
  • VLAN and VXLAN Encap/DeCap.
  • Route Guard: A packet can be dropped without using flow and policy rules.
  • NAT: Inner IP header (Source IP, Destination IP, Source port and Destination Port).

The above list gets you started and below is a list of SDN services that can be implemented using the SSDK on an AMD Pensando DPU:

  • Virtual Networking (Overlay)
    • Virtual IP Spaces.
    • Tenant aware routing (VRFs).
    • Network address translation for inter-VPC or out-bound traffic.
    • Capable of supporting:
      • Static 1:1 NAT
      • Many to 1
      • Source
      • Destination
      • Twice NAT
    • Ingress and egress NAT policy direction.
    • Virtual network subnets: User defined subnets, custom IPAM l2/l3 forwarding with default gateway.
    • Network services: NACLs, firewall, security groups, load balancing, encryption, ERSPAN (vTAP), QoS etc.
    • VPN services: IPsec and PSP encryption services.
    • Metering
  • Traffic Engineering
    • Segment routing: SRv6 and SR-MPLS.
    • Network service mesh: Policy driven service functions chaining.
    • Custom routing via workload APIs or via BGP.
    • Overlay mapping tables.
    • Local mapping.
    • Remote mapping.
    • Source RPF security mapping (SIP to TEP mapping).
    • Routing tables.
    • Stateless network ACL tables.
  • Physical Network (Underlay) Integration
    • BGP based host routed network.
    • LLDP for topology awareness.
    • LACP for bonding up L2 to TORs.
    • Topology Map: Provides the workloads with TOR connectivity.

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