About the SSDK

SDN Policy Offload Reference Pipeline User Guide (UG1668)

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The SSDK is installed as a container. It is delivered in three separate software packages:

  • A container image that constitutes the build environment and includes generic tools, such as the Linaro ArmĀ® cross-compile toolchain.
  • A tarball with the source code of the reference pipelines and AMD-specific tools, such as the P4 compiler and the Distributed Services Card (DSC) simulator.
  • A tarball with documentation.

The following table lists installed directories and their contents.

Table 1. SSDK Directories
Directory Contents
/sw/nic SSDK main folder for build scripts
/sw/nic/rudra Relevant code and files for development
/sw/nic/rudra/src/pds-core Core Application, Environment Initialization, Starts services, PDS Agent, gRPC Listener, PDS Layer API, and Common Libraries
/sw/nic/rudra/src/lib Common code and files for all pipelines, LIFS, Memory Utils, Debug, Tracing, and Interface Management
/sw/nic/rudra/src/<reference-pipeline> The reference pipelines
/sw/nic/rudra/src/<reference-pipeline>/p4/p4-16/ P4 Source Code for the specific pipeline
/sw/nic/rudra/src/conf Platform, Pipeline, and Infrastructure configuration files
/sw/nic/rudra/src/<reference-pipeline>/dp Dataplane and Pipeline specific DP application
/sw/nic/tools The developer tools
Note: This container can be used to build both x86 and Arm images.