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AI Engine System Software Driver Reference Manual (UG1642)

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2024.1 English

A Component ID is a symbolic identifier that uniquely represents a specific component or module within the AI Engine software driver. Each component, which can be a tile, memory block, processing element, or any other functional unit, is assigned a unique component ID. This ID is used for addressing and configuring the specific component, managing its operations, and distinguishing it from other components in the AI Engine system software driver.

The component ID can serve various purposes, including the following:

Component IDs are used to access or configure specific components within the AI Engine. When a software driver or application needs to interact with a particular component, it uses its Component ID to identify and address that component.
Component IDs can be associated with specific configuration parameters, allowing the driver or application to set various properties and behaviors of the component.
Error Handling
Component IDs can help in identifying the source of errors or issues within the AI Engine. When an error occurs, the component ID can be included in the error message to pinpoint the problematic component.
Resource Management
In some cases, component IDs are used for resource management, tracking the usage of specific components, and ensuring that resources are allocated and deallocated properly.
Component IDs are used for inter-component communication, enabling components to exchange data or control information within the AI Engine.