AI Engine Partition Termination - 2024.1 English

AI Engine System Software Driver Reference Manual (UG1642)

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2024.1 English

After the application finishes using the AI Engine partition or before loading another AI Engine partition configuration, it needs to terminate the current configuration. The termination process is a runtime process that does the following:

  • Resets the columns and AI Engine interface tiles in the partition
  • Zeroizes the data and program memory due to security consideration so that the next application gets the previous application’s data
  • Gates all the tiles

With the Linux kernel driver, when the AI Engine partition is closed by users or application crashes, the termination sequence runs by the AI Engine partition kernel driver. In the case of loosely coupled AI Engine control applications, or for debugging purpose, it is possible not to do the cleanup by setting the no-cleanup flag when requesting the AI Engine partition. If the no-cleanup flag is set, when the AI Engine partition file descriptor is closed, or when the application aborts, the AI Engine kernel partition driver does not run the previously mentioned termination sequence. For bare-metal applications, the termination sequence runs by the AI Engine driver if the application calls the AI Engine driver API to close the AI Engine partition instance.