XDC Based Flow

Alveo U45N Data Center Accelerator Card User Guide (UG1636)

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The following steps describe how to create an XDC based Vivado RTL project. Prior to creating a Vivado RTL project, download the U45N XDC file from the U45N Product Page. The XDC is a reference for the static pinout of the card.

Because the U45N FPGA is not visible in the Vivado part selection window, a Vivado project can only be created using a Tcl command. Use the following steps to create a project:

  1. Launch Vivado tools.
  2. In the Tcl console, run the following command:
    create_project <project> <path> -part <part number>


    • <project> is the name of the project you want to create
    • <path> is the path where you want to create the project
    • <part number> is the Vivado part number as defined in the following table.
    Table 1. Vivado Part Number
    Alveo Card Alveo Part Vivado Part Number
    A-U45N XCU26 XCU26-VSVA1365-2LV-E
  3. Add the card XDC file to the project by clicking on File > Add Sources > Add or Create Constraints. Click Next. Select Add Files. Navigate to the location of the XDC file and click OK.