Programming via Vivado Hardware Manager

Alveo U45N Data Center Accelerator Card User Guide (UG1636)

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This section details how to flash the Alveo data center accelerator card FPGA using the Vivado hardware manager. Detailed steps for programming the FPGA are outlined in the chapter titled Programming the FPGA Device in the Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Programming and Debugging (UG908).

  1. Connect to the Alveo U45N data center accelerator card using the Vivado hardware manager via the ADK2 connector. Details on connecting to the Alveo card through the ADK2 connector are provided in the Alveo Debug Kit User Guide (UG1538).
  2. Right click on device xcu26_0, under the Hardware window, and select Add Configuration Memory Device .  Enter "mt25qu02g-spi-x1_x2_x4" in the search bar and select part mt25qu02g-spi-x1_x2_x4.
  3. Select OK when prompted "Do you want to program the configuration memory device now?" or right-click the target to select Program the Configuration Memory Device.
    1. Select the MCS file target.
    2. Select Configuration File Only.
    3. Click OK.
  4. After programming has completed, disconnect the card in the hardware manager, and disconnect the JTAG programming cable from the Alveo accelerator card.
  5. Perform a cold reboot on the host machine to complete the card update.

See Updating Vivado images via PCIe with xbflash for more information.