CMS IP and Example Design

Alveo U45N Data Center Accelerator Card User Guide (UG1636)

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The AMD Alveo™ card management solution subsystem (CMS subsystem) AMD Vivado™ based IP (see Card Management Solution Subsystem for details and documentation) provides an in-band card management system to communicate with the satellite controller (SC) and provide the following:

The CMS IP is a self-contained customizable solution available from the Vivado IP catalog. When implemented in a Vivado design, logic is created to allow the SC and CMS IP to communicate between each other.

Note: The CMS IP does not support the QSFP28 I2C or low speed I/O, as these are controlled by the FPGA directly.

Additional details on the CMS IP are provided below.

CMS IP Example Design

The CMS IP example design can be opened inside Vivado and used as a starting point for a design. The example design is identical to the design shipped inside of the flash and should be used to revert to the original functionality of the card if needed.

The example design can be implemented without further modification to the design. The following are high-level steps to create the design.

  1. Create a block design, or open an existing block design in IP Integrator > Create Block Design / Open Block Design.
  2. Right-click inside the Diagram window, and then select Add IP....
  3. To generate the IP, select Card Management Solution Subsystem.
  4. In the Hierarchy window, right-click the core, and then select Open IP Example Design.
  5. When a new window pops up, asking you to specify a directory for the example design, select a new directory or keep the default directory. A new project is automatically created in the selected directory and it is opened in a new Vivado window.
  6. In the Flow Navigator (left-side pane), click Run Implementation and follow the directions.

See the Card Management Solution Subsystem Product Guide (PG348) for complete details.