PCIe AUX Power

Alveo U45N Data Center Accelerator Card Installation Guide (UG1635)

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The Alveo U45N accelerator card has a 2x3 PCIe AUX power connector which can provide 75W additional power. While the card will operate with or without AUX power, application power requirements identified by the application designer will dictate the need for AUX power. The location of the PCIe AUX power connector is shown in the following figure.

Note: The PCIe AUX 6-pin connector is not compatible with an ATX12V/EPS12V power cable source. Ensure that the appropriate PCIe auxiliary power source is available, and not an ATX12V/EPS12V power source.
Figure 1. AUX Power Connector Location

The following table shows the maximum electrical power available with and without AUX 2x3 power cable connected. At a minimum, the 75W PCIe slot power is always used.

Table 1. Power Availability
AUX Power Configuration

Maximum Electrical Power Available

AUX 2x4

No AUX power cable connected 75W
2x3 AUX power cable connected 150W 1
  1. Maximum card power is limited by the TDP given in Table 1.