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Alveo U45N Data Center Accelerator Card Installation Guide (UG1635)

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The following procedure is a guide for the Alveo U45N data center accelerator card installation. Consult your computer documentation for additional information.

Note: For use with UL Listed Servers or ITE.
  1. Shut down the host computer and unplug the power cord.
  2. Open your computer by removing the casing.
  3. If necessary, remove the adjacent PCIe® slot cover corresponding to the PCIe slot in which you are installing the Alveo card.
  4. Plug the Alveo card into the PCIe x16 slot on the motherboard.
  5. Connect the AUX power connector to the Alveo card, ensure the plug is mechanically fixed (with the click).
    Important: Operation of the Alveo cards only with AUX power connector is not allowed.
    Important : Le fonctionnement des cartes Alveo uniquement avec le connecteur auxiliaire n'est pas autorisé.
    Wichtig: Der Betrieb von Alveo-Karten nur mit AUX Connector ist nicht zulässig.

    The Alveo card has an 6-pin receptacle PCIe AUX power connector. Depending on your server or computer, an additional PCI Express auxiliary power cable or adapter may be needed. Consult your computer documentation for additional information.

    Warning: Alveo cards are not compatible with an ATX12V/EPS12V power source. Do not force connection to a CPU (ATX12V/EPS12V) power source. This will damage the Alveo card and void the warranty.
    Avertissement : Les cartes Alveo ne sont pas compatibles avec une source d'alimentation ATX12V / EPS12V. Ne forcez pas la connexion à une source d'alimentation CPU (ATX12V / EPS12V). Cela endommagerait la carte Alveo et annulerait la garantie.
    Warnung: Alveo-Karten sind nicht mit einer ATX12V / EPS12V-Stromquelle kompatibel. Erzwingen Sie keine Verbindung zu einer CPU-Stromquelle (ATX12V / EPS12V). Dadurch wird die Alveo-Karte beschädigt und die Garantie erlischt.
  6. Re-install the computer casing.
  7. Connect the power cord and turn on the computer.
    Warning: Do not power-on a passively cooled card without adequate forced airflow across the card with proper air flow direction, otherwise the card can be damaged. This card can heat up after use in the server. Use caution when handling. For more information, see Alveo U45N Data Center Accelerator Cards Data Sheet (DS1014).