Kria SOM App Store Applications Developer Deployment Guide for Ubuntu (UG1630)

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The dfx-mgrd is an AMD library that implements an on-target daemon for managing a data model of applications and their corresponding bitstream. The daemon maintains a data model of relevant application bitstreams, bitstream types, and active bitstreams. The xmutil application is calling dfx-mgrd when making the calls loadapp, unloadapp, and listapps. The dfx-mgrd requires that the application bitstreams and required files be loaded in /lib/firmware/xilinx/<app_name>. The dfx-mgrd uses i-notify to identify when new applications are brought into the system, and requires that the files required for an application have the same <app_name>. The app_name directory must contain:

  • Application bitstream converted to *.bit.bin format
  • Application bitstream device tree overlay *.dtbo
  • A shell.json file containing information about the PL design, required 2021.1 or later
  • A metadata file for PL design *.xclbin (optional, only required for XRT-based designs)