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Kria SOM App Store Applications Developer Deployment Guide for Ubuntu (UG1630)

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The Kria SOM Starter Kit Ubuntu focuses on Debian as the package technology and APT as the Linux package manager. It also supports Docker to package and deploy the application. To leverage the Starter Kit standard Kria SOM Ubuntu image, the application being developed must align with Debian and APT and/or Docker based deployment.

Note: A known restriction since the Ubuntu 22.04 and dfx-mgr 22.1 release is that the hardware management functions can only be used on base OS and not Docker. Therefore, the PL firmware for an application must be packaged as a Debian image in addition to its corresponding Docker image, and the Debian image should be loaded prior to running the docker container. Despite this limitation, developers can consider Docker containers as a packaging method when, for an example, the application depends on a library version that is different than the library version required by the base OS.