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Kria SOM App Store Applications Developer Deployment Guide for Ubuntu (UG1630)

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Building packages for the Kria SOM requires access to either a native build environment (Linux running on Arm64) or a chroot/cross-compile setup (Linux with sbuild or pbuilder on AMD64). Of the two options, a native setup is significantly easier to work with and allows the installation and testing of the resulting packages. The following steps outline the process for getting Ubuntu set up and configured for packaging on a Kria SOM board.

Note: It is possible to use an emulated Ubuntu on a native Arm64 machine, such as an M1 powered MacBook, but that is out of scope of this document.
Note: It is possible to build the source packages on a standard x86 machine and rely on Launchpad to do the building. For details see .

The developer is encouraged to first test the build and installation of the source locally on the target, to ensure it can be built and is functional. For example, git clone the source and then run make and sudo make install to see everything is behaving as expected.

Setup Package Build Environment

The build environment expects certain tools to build the packages. These tools also provide a helper utility to generate the some of the Debian files required for the build process.

Install following tools before starting the build process:

sudo apt install gnupg dput dh-make devscripts lintian pbuilder fakeroot

Setup the email and user name to be used for the package. Consider keeping this in the .bashrc.

DEBFULLNAME="Firstname Lastname"