Application Documentation Requirements (Step 5)

Kria SOM App Store Applications Developer Deployment Guide for Ubuntu (UG1630)

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Application developers are expected to provide the following list of content, documents, and graphics for AMD to create and host a dedicated page for your application:

  • Content for the application page:
    • Title
    • Description of application
    • Top five features list
    • Hardware needed, including accessories (with URLs to purchase accessories)
    • Steps to access packages, including how to setup access to required package feed/Debian package server/Docker registry
    • Top five FAQs
    • Link to your web page (with URL)
    • Information on AMD Kria™ SOMs and the accelerated application
  • Documentation:
    • Solution brief
    • Figure of merit/benchmarking
    • Customer-facing presentation
    • Field training presentation with pointer for sales
    • Standard customer-facing documentation (GitHub)
    • Getting started guide (GitHub)
  • Graphics:
    • High-level block diagram
    • High-resolution use case images
    • Solution video with source file and consent to host
    • High resolution logo
    • Light and dark background

When this collateral is ready, the next step is to create a Kria App Store page. Email to start the process of creating a mock up. AMD strongly recommends initiating this request at least four weeks prior to the go-live date planned for the application.