Application Deployment Steps

Kria SOM App Store Applications Developer Deployment Guide for Ubuntu (UG1630)

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This guide outlines the key steps for an Kria App Store partner application developers to follow when preparing a Kria SOM accelerated application. The flow ensures that the application works within the shared Kria SOM Starter Kit software framework, can be hosted in the shared Kria Starter Kit deployment framework, and delivers the intended out-of-box customer experience. The document provides the shared infrastructure components information, application base operating system alignment deployment guidance, and formal release processes. The overall application deployment preparation through public release is outlined in the following five steps:
Step 1
Aligning application implementation to Kria SOM Starter Kit Linux and associated infrastructure
Step 2
Application packaging
  • Package generation overview
  • Identify open-source and third-party dependencies
  • Aligning application packages with naming convention
Step 3
Application deployment
  • Application delivery and deployment
  • Moving Linux deployment packages to selected host
  • Regressions, build, and documentation
Application Release Criteria and Functional Verification (Step 4)
Application release criteria and functional verification
Application Documentation Requirements (Step 5)
Kria App Store partner application page requirements