Application Dependent Libraries

Kria SOM App Store Applications Developer Deployment Guide for Ubuntu (UG1630)

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When not included in the default Kria Ubuntu Linux image, application developers must identify all dependencies and install them as part of their application. If the corresponding library is already available as a standard Ubuntu library, the dependencies can be specified when generating the application package.

Third-party and Open-Source Libraries

Application developers must ensure that the packages they create and deploy third party libraries in a manner that is compliant to the libraries open-source license. The preferred deployment is to include third-party libraries as part of the core OS library offered through the application and library deployment.

AMD-Xilinx Dependent Libraries

Application developers must account for version alignment changes of any other AMD libraries required for their application. The following lists the commonly used AMD libraries for some Kria SOM applications. These libraries are managed in the previously captured AMD SDC and Gstreamer PPAs. Multiple versions of these libraries are available over the lifetime of the device, thus an application developer should call out the version dependencies (as appropriate) when generating their application package.

  • Xilinx Runtime (XRT)
  • AMD Vitis™ AI
  • Vitis video analytics software developer's kit (VVAS)
Note: The AMD developed libraries are expected to be delivered as packages in the AMD PPA, and as an application developer you can use these pre-built libraries when creating your applications.