zSFP+ Control Signals

VEK280 Evaluation Board User Guide (UG1612)

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The zSFP+ control signals can be asserted in multiple ways. The zSFP+ has an I2C connection to the I2C0 bus through the I2C multiplexer (TCA9548PWR U33) as shown in the PMC MIO[46:47] I2C0 Bus section.

The following table lists the transceiver module control signals.

Table 1. Transceiver Module Control Signals
Signal Name Feature Notes Schematic Page
SFP_SDA Two-wire interface data U33 I2C MUX 29, 39
SFP_SCL Two-wire interface clock U33 I2C MUX 29, 39
SFP_TX_FAULT Module to U1 - fault condition detected U1 Bank 401 6, 29
SFP_TX_DISABLE U1 to module - transmitter disable U233 I2C GPIO expander 29, 39
SFP_MOD_ABS Logic High when module absent U233 I2C GPIO expander 29, 39
SFP_RX_LOS Module to U1 - RX signal loss U1 Bank 401 6, 29