PMC MIO[26:36, 51] Bank 501: Secure Digital (SD) Card IF

VEK280 Evaluation Board User Guide (UG1612)

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[Figure 1, callout 11]

The VEK280 evaluation board includes a secure digital input/output (SDIO) interface to provide access to general purpose non-volatile SDIO memory cards and peripherals. This interface is used for the SD boot mode and supports SD2.0 and SD3.0 access.

The SDIO interface signals PMC_MIO[26:36, 51] are connected to XCVE2802 device bank 501, which has its VCCO set to 1.8V. Six SD interface nets PMC_MIO[26, 29, 30:33] are passed through a NXP NVT4857UK SD 3.0-compliant voltage level-translator U104. This translator is present between the Versal device and the SD card connector (J302). The NXP NVT4857UK U104 device provides SD3.0 capability with SDR104 performance. The following figure shows the connections of the SD card interface on the VEK280 evaluation board.

Figure 1. SD Card Interface Connections

The following table lists the NVT4857UK U104 adapter pinout.

Table 1. NVT4857UK U104 Adapter Pinout
Aries Adapter Pin Number NVT4857UKAZ Pin Number NVT4857UKAZ Pin Name
2 C3, C2 GND
3 B2 CD
6 Unused Unused
8 Unused Unused
9 Unused Unused
10 A3 VSD
11 A2 VCCA
12 Unused Unused
13 D1 DATA0
14 E3 SEL
15 B1 DAT3A
16 E1 DAT1A
17 Unused Unused
18 A1 DAT2A
19 E4 DAT1B
20 D4 DAT0B
21 D3 CLKB
22 C4 CMDB
23 B4 DAT3B
24 A4 DAT2B
25 Unused Unused

The Versal device (U1) also has control over the power for the SDCARD, which allows the Versal device to remove power to the SD card as needed.

Figure 2. SD Socket J302 Power Control

Information for the SD I/O card specification can be found at the SanDisk Corporation or SD Association websites. The VEK280 SD card interface supports the SD1 (2.0) and SD2 (3.0) configuration boot modes documented in the Versal Adaptive SoC Technical Reference Manual (AM011). See schematic page 35 for more details.

For NVP NVT4857UK component details, see the NVT4857UK data sheet on the NXP website.

The detailed Versal device connections for the feature described in this section are documented in the VEK280 board XDC file, referenced in Xilinx Design Constraints.