Use Shared Buffer Up to 1 MB - 2024.1 English

AI Engine-ML Kernel and Graph Programming Guide (UG1603)

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2024.1 English

One memory tile size is limited to 512 KB. However, the DMA channels 0~3 can access the neighboring east and west memory tiles. The tool supports using shared buffer up to 1 MB.

To use shared buffer up to 1 MB, constrain the location of the shared buffer in the graph code. For example:
shared_buffer<int32> mtxA;
// 262144 int32 input in elements, input port=1, output port=1
mtxA = shared_buffer<int32>::create({262144}, 1, 1);
//constrain the starting address of the shared buffer to 0x0 of memtile(7,0)