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AI Engine-ML Kernel and Graph Programming Guide (UG1603)

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2024.1 English

The following table shows the revision history for this document.

Section Revision Summary
06/06/2024 Version 2024.1
General Changed output_stream to output_cascade, and changed input_stream to input_cascade.
Introduction to Scalar and Vector Programming Changed int32 to int16, and changed vector<8> to vector<16>.
Floating-Point Accuracy Added new section.
Casting and Datatype Conversion Added details regarding the API support of vector conversions between data types.
Stream and Cascade Data Types Updated the supported stream and data types.
Stream Switch FIFO Added the --swfifo-threshold option to increase the default maximum FIFO depth.
AI Engine-ML External Memory Access Added note to clarify that external buffers are not supported by the XRT API.
Tiling Parameters and Buffer Descriptors Removed repetition and phase from the structure tiling_parameters.
Examples on Memory and DMA Programming Added new section with examples.
Graph Programming Comparison Between AI Engine and AI Engine-ML New section to compare the graph programming constructs supported in different devices.
Graph Objects for Packet Processing Added pktorderedmerge.
Event API Moved section to UG1076.
12/07/2023 Version 2023.2
General Updated to reflect the usage of the new unified AMD Vitis™ IDE.
Inline Keywords Added inline keyword explanation.
Multi-dimensional Addressing in AI Engine Kernels Introduced aie::make_tensor_buffer_stream which supports multi-dimensional addressing inside a kernel.
Sparse Matrix Multiplication Introduced APIs that support sparse matrix multiplication.
Linear Approximation Updated the steps for a floating point based approximation information, and updated example.
Tiling Parameters and Buffer Descriptors Added important note on address alignment and its impact on data access.
Tiling Parameters Examples Updated the example in 2D Matrix Transferring to 4x2 Sub Matrices.
10/18/2023 Version 2023.2
Initial release N/A