Graph Objects for Packet Processing - 2024.1 English

AI Engine-ML Kernel and Graph Programming Guide (UG1603)

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2024.1 English

The following predefined object classes in the adf namespace are used to define the connectivity of packet streams.

template <int nway> class pktsplit { ... }
template <int nway> class pktmerge { ... }
template <int nway> class pktorderedmerge { ... }


Objects of type pktsplit<n> and pktmerge<n> can be declared as member variables in a user-defined graph type (i.e., inside a class that inherits from graph). The template parameter n must be a compile-time constant positive integer denoting the n-way degree of split or merge. These objects behave like ordinary nodes of the graph with input and output connections, but are only used for explicit packet routing.

pktorderedmerge is similar to pktmergeexcept that pktorderedmerge merges packets in deterministic order from packet 0 to n-1 recursively.

Member Functions

static pktsplit<nway> & create();
static pktmerge<nway> & create();
static pktorderedmerge<nway> & create();

The static create method for these classes work in the same way as kernel create method. The degree of split or merge is already specified in the template variable declaration.

Member Variables

std::vector<port<input>> in;

This variable provides access to the logical inputs of the node. There is only one input for pktsplit nodes. For pktmerge and pktorderedmerge nodes the i'th index selects the i’th input port.

std::vector<port<output>> out;

This variable provides access to the logical outputs of the node. There is only one output for pktmerge and pktorderedmerge nodes. For pktsplit nodes the i'th index selects the i’th output port.