Status LEDs

Alveo X3522 User Guide (UG1523)

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Each DSFP28 cage has two adjacent LEDs, showing the status of its two supported ports:

  • The LEDs for cage 1 show the status of ports 0 and 2.
  • The LEDs for cage 2 show the status of ports 1 and 3.
Figure 1. X3522 LEDs

The link status LED for a cage is:

  • Green when both ports for the cage have a physical link.
  • Amber when only one port for the cage has a physical link.
    Note: This includes when an SFP28 or SFP+ cable is connected, and so only a single port is exposed.
  • Off in the absence of any physical link.
  • Blinking red if a command such as ethtool --identify has been issued to identify the network port.

The activity LED for a cage is:

  • Blinking green when there is link activity on all exposed network ports for the cage.
  • Off when there is no activity on any exposed network port for the cage.
Note: Some other LEDs inside the case are visible through the airflow holes. These internal LEDs are for diagnostic use only, and you should ignore them.