Programming the Current Update Bundle

Alveo X3522 User Guide (UG1523)

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From the X3522 host, you must now reprogram the X3522 with the current update bundle.

You must do this stage of the recovery.

If you do not do so, the X3522 will only be partially programmed. It will have most of the functionality of a network adapter, but its behavior will be unpredictable, and reprogramming it with anything except an update bundle might make it inoperable.

  1. Program the FPGA with the current update bundle. Refer to Programming the X3522 for the procedure to follow.
    Important: You must perform the step in this procedure that instructs you to do a full cold reboot. If you do not, the conversion process might fail.
  2. List the PCIe devices that have the vendor ID used by an X3522. Confirm that the device that you updated is now shown as an Ethernet controller with device ID 5084:
    # lspci -D -d 10ee
    0000:01:00.0 Ethernet controller: Xilinx Corporation Device 5084
    0000:01:00.1 Ethernet controller: Xilinx Corporation Device 5084
    If so, you have successfully converted the card to an X3522 low latency network adapter in its default configuration.