Install the Update Files

Alveo X3522 User Guide (UG1523)

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Install the package of .update files that you downloaded:

  1. Log in to the x86 host for the X3522.
  2. Copy the package from the remote host to the /tmp directory on the x86 host:
    • On the remote server:
      # scp <path_to_package> root@<x86_host_ip_address>:/tmp
    • or on the x86 host:
      # scp <username>@<remote_host>:<path_to_package> /tmp
  3. Change directory to /tmp on the x86 host:
    cd /tmp
  4. Install the .update files from the package:
    • For an RPM package:
      rpm -ivh ./<package_name>.rpm
    • For a DEB package:
      apt install ./<package_name>.deb

The .update files are installed in the /lib/firmware/xilinx/x3 directory.